Bone to Ash is a rebellious metal-duo from the Netherlands. Blending styles and crossing boundaries is what they're all about. The release of their 2020 EP Frame of Mind marks the start of these teens' ambitious journey that's ahead of them.

The duo met at their high school's talent show, and instantly hit it off over a shared love of bands such as Metallica, Slipknot, and Gojira. They started jamming together, and after a short while, the name Bone to Ash was chosen for it's raw and striking character, something these guys value in their music.

After only a few months they decided it was time to release their music. They self-produced their debut EP on their own from Joris' (drummer) basement. Ian (guitarist/singer/studio bassist) was in charge of recording and producing the EP, while Joris was focused on releasing and promoting their creation. They were both only seventeen years old at the time.

Now a year later, the two have honed their skills and developed a more sophisticated, mature, and heavy sound that can be heard on their upcoming releases.